Big Education is a multi-academy trust and charity that exists because our schools share the belief that the UK curriculum is narrow, outdated, and over-indexed on academics.

Our schools and networks are demonstrating that another way is not only possible, but essential.


We believe that school can and must be better. Our founding schools, School 21 and Surrey Square Primary, one a new ‘start up’ free school and the other a ‘turnaround’, were committed to significant change and had created new practices and insights. We created Big Education in order to do more, better, together. 

Each continues to strive to find the best ways for their students to receive an expansive education and fulfil their potential in every way; from academia to critical thinking, creativity to community action, understanding yourself and everything in between. We opened School 360 in September 2021 and are excited to continue to grow the Big Education group of schools in the coming years. 

Although proud of our achievements and the enhanced experiences our students have access to, we have more to do! We are ambitious for the whole system and much of our work is focused on how we can be part of changing mindsets, practices and policies, so that more children receive this kind of education.


We are passionate about using our practical insights to be part of positive change in the system. We run schools ourselves. We are rooted in practice as well as big ideas as the basis for our other work with others. We are working to change;

Mindsets – through our thought leadership, blogs, networks and ideas

Practices – by sharing our practical insights with teachers and leaders through our leadership programmes, projects, courses and school visits

Policies – by sharing our insights and ideas with policy makers and influencers

We are helping schools, and groups of schools make practical changes to deliver a more expansive educational experience for their students.

Our Leadership Programme

Big Education's leadership programme

Are you passionate that the education system needs to provide more than simply a set of exam results for young people? Do you want to develop your leadership capabilities to be able to innovate and support your teams to do the same? Have you ever felt like change is needed within education and you want to know how to make that happen? The Big Leadership Adventure works to address this!

Latest course

Play-based learning for KS1

This programme combines face to face sessions and online learning modules to introduce the theory and practice of play-based learning for Key Stage One.
Helen Gourley and Sarah Seleznyov
Assistant Headteacher and Co Headteacher of School 360

Latest blogs

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