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We are part of a growing movement of teachers, parents, students and employers who know there is something wrong with our education system. And want to help put it right. In place of a narrow exam-focused system we want something that is more expansive. In place of massive inequalities, we want an education system that nurtures the potential of every child from every background.
Our mission is to help more schools and more changemakers develop that Big Education – an education of head, heart and hand. So that we learn the lessons of lockdown and shape a better future for all our children.





We believe…

In making a difference to the entire system not just our own schools

In prizing distinctiveness and centres of excellence over uniformity

In challenging not accepting the way education is done – in becoming the first place to go for rigorous innovation and new thinking

Good exam results and a good Ofsted grade are a minimum necessity not goals of education

The divide between progressives and traditionalists gets in the way of true innovation that has an impact: dogma of any kind is unhelpful

Education is an intellectual as well as practical undertaking and needs a rich blend of both


Rethinking Assessment

How de-linking scales across domains would end the experience of one-big-competition

Amelia Peterson LSE & London Interdisciplinary School


Recently, Tom Cosgrove wrote for Rethinking Assessment about whether we need grades to learn. He makes a good case that we don’t. When we look at education from a societal or policy perspective, however, we might still...

Learning from Lockdown

Why we need to learn the power of ‘and'

Liz Robinson Co-Director, Big Education


I wasn’t expecting to write a part 2 to this blog. But it has been a funny couple of weeks. This blog is about boldness, why it matters, and what is stopping it from happening in education. If we are to build the......


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Rethinking Assessment

Learning from Lockdown

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