We kicked off the new decade with an exciting day of innovation and learning as a team, hosted by our partners at Salesforce.                                      

INSET Day on the Ohana Floor at Salesforce.

Matt Morden

Co-headteacher of Surrey Square Primary School

8th January 2020

We kicked off the new decade with an exciting day of innovation and learning as a team, hosted by our partners at Salesforce. On their impressive ‘Ohana’ floor, a newly opened space for Salesforce’s community partners, the Surrey Square staff team worked with members of the Salesforce ‘IGNITE” innovation team to explore our vision for the next decade. It was a pleasure to welcome fellow participants from The Big Leadership Adventure (which is financially supported by Salesforce.org) to the day to help support the facilitation of the groups. Salesforce has had a long established relationship with School 21, and we are really pleased to be developing this now with Surrey Square as well.

Despite being the first day back after the festive break, the energy and engagement was fantastic. The team were introduced to the ideas of ‘design thinking’ – the importance of thinking expansively and challenging our assumptions about how things are done, as a part of strategic thinking.  

These were ideas I had been exposed to and trained in as a participant on the Big Leadership Adventure, and it was so interesting to see those approaches being used by the team. By thinking of what would never be said about that aspect, it gave a powerful way to unlock our implicit assumptions, challenge the orthodoxy, and open up thinking about the possibilities.

Our first event focussed on the question: ‘How radical are we compared to the rest of the world?’ This aimed to produce some fruitful enquiry questions to pursue. There is lots of exciting innovation going on around this world, but how can we do better at shaping the argument?

The extraordinary views across London were a fitting backdrop for staff to open up their minds and thinking – across many aspects of school life, from children with complex SEND needs, to music provision, to how we can work with our alumni.

It was a great space for people to really think deeply, outside of the time pressures of school, and powerful to hear the voices of everyone in the team. We are really excited about the ideas for the next phase of our development as a school – fulfilling our mission of ‘personal and academic excellence; everyone, every day’. Watch this space for news of exciting developments to come!

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