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Big 8 - Empowering leadership toolkit, Jan'23

To achieve ‘A Big Education’ we need to move from monologue to dialogue, from groupthink to multiple perspectives, to leading and listening. It requires a culture of feedback, challenge and support. This course will develop you in the toolkit of the Big 8 – a set of behaviours, mindsets, cultures, and approaches that underpin this work.
Liz Robinson
Co-Director, Big Education


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Introduction to ‘Fast Feedback’ with Ivy Learning Trust and Big Education - Rethinking Student Feedback and Marking

In collaboration with Big Education, we will share our story of how we abolished written marking and embedded Fast Feedback to create truly effective learners with ownership over their own learning; whilst simultaneously reducing teacher workload. We’ll facilitate an exploration of how you could create something similar in your context.
Gemma Whitby
Co-Author of Fast Feedback

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New approaches to old problems - using innovation tools to think creatively about school improvement

A Big Education is one that goes to the root of the problems we face – aiming to cure the causes rather than the symptoms. A Big Education is also one which horizon scans – for instance, looking to successful design and engineering techniques and exploring how to implement them in education settings.
Big Education
Changing the story

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An Oracy-Based Coaching Curriculum with School 21

For students to succeed academically in this complex world with many pressures and challenges they must be well. At Big Education we believe student well-being is a critical component and should be at the heart of every school. School 21 have developed an exciting, student focused wellbeing curriculum.
School 21
Empowering all young people to take on the world

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Powerful Play-Based Learning in Reception and Year 1 with School 360

Our aim at School 360 is to develop a more expansive education, one that develops head (academics), heart (growth and well-being) and hand (creativity). A continuous play-based provision is an essential part of the early curriculum. If we want a Big Education, it is important that we get the beginning of a child’s school journey right.
School 360
Foundations in head, heart & hand

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Interdisciplinary Authentic Projects in Schools

The ‘real-world’ is not like school. The complex challenges we face in modern society need students who can think beyond individual subject boundaries and can work collaboratively to solve problems. The focus on individual subjects in schools means this can be hard to achieve, and teachers are not used to planning across disciplines.
Big Education
Changing the story

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Rethinking Top-Down Accountability in Schools

All leaders want to ensure high-quality teaching and learning in their schools. At Big Education, we believe in empowering teachers and staff by using a bottom-up approach to drive their own development and learning. We want to move away from over-monitoring and a heavy handed ‘Ofsted’ style approach.
Matt Morden
Co-Headteacher of Surrey Square Primary

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Designing an Expansive Curriculum of the Head, Heart and Hand

There is renewed interest in how we can offer our young people a broader, more expansive and more engaging curriculum that develops the whole child. This course is your chance to find out how School 21 has developed its broad head, heart and hand curriculum, and to work through practical ideas of how you can develop your own.
Joe Pardoe and the School 21 team
Big Education and Former School 21 Leader

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Developing High Performing Teams

You believe and want a Big Education – one which encompasses the head, the heart and the hand. An education that not only delivers great results, but also develops the whole person. An education which trusts and develops high performing individuals at all levels. An education system that is focussed on excellence and high-performance.
Liz Robinson
Co-director, Big Education

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Rethinking Work Experience - School 21’s Real World Learning Programme

Think about your work experience as a student. What did you learn? What skills did you develop? How did it impact your future? For many of us work experience was a week or two of menial tasks like making cups of tea. At School 21 we wanted to give our students a real world experience, which would actually have an impact on their future.
Cassie Cramer
RWLP Programme Manager, School 21

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‘I’m OK, You’re OK’ – Developing a culture of positive staff wellbeing

Looking after ourselves has never been more challenging, nor more important. For recovery to be effective, looking after ourselves is essential. However, we know it can be hard for leaders to prioritise and model this – other things can often seem to be more important. This course will help you prioritise positive staff wellbeing.
Nicola Noble
Co-headteacher, Surrey Square Primary

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