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For young people to thrive,

education leaders must too.

Education is always changing, facing new challenges, opportunities, and complex issues. It’s easy to feel lonely and powerless to make the changes you believe in…
The Big Education Leadership Programme is a nurturing space, bringing together headteachers and senior leaders from across education organisations, connecting with your authentic self and equipping you with powerful strategies to bring about the changes you believe in. This ensures your school and organisation can better support the communities you serve and enable young people to thrive.

A Big Education for all

Leaders participating in the Big Education Leadership Programme delve into an array of tools and practices from both the UK and around the world, engaging closely with peers who share similar goals. This programme will equip you to:

  • Lead with purpose: Engage in debate and discussions to define education’s fundamental goal and how it influences your strategic choices.
  • Lead a relational and empowered team: Acquire a set of tools that help your team transition from merely following orders to operating independently and autonomously.
  • Tackle ‘wicked’ problems: Become proficient in Design Thinking, an established framework for solving complex challenges in education.
  • Deeply reflect on your own leadership and values and how this guides your decisions as a leader


Educators evaluate their own practices and those of their setting using the Big Education Diagnostic, an expansive alternative to school self-evaluation.

Leadership matters

The Big Education Leadership Programme supports leaders to implement concrete steps to make your bold dreams for children and young people a reality.

This unique programme creates a nurturing environment where you can grow with other leaders who share similar values, exchanging valuable insights and best practices. 

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Liz Robinson

Big Education CEO

A message from Liz Robinson, CEO of Big Education & Programme Lead on the Big Education Leadership Programme

“Leadership is a catalyst for the change we want to see in education! Our leadership programme encourages leaders to BE brave and question the way things are normally done, develop new solutions, and create safe environments to make these changes happen. One of the things people love so much about the programme, is connecting with other like minded leaders. It’s always a joy to see people learn with and from each other.”

Leadership Programme

Key information

Applications close: 27 September, 2023

Who the programme is for: Headteachers and senior leaders working in schools and other types of education organisations

Practicalities: One year programme, with eight in-person full day workshops. Optional year two modules available

Start date: Oct 2024

Location: You can opt for the North West or the South of England cohort

Cost:£1,995 (one year), £1495 (optional second year)

How to apply: Complete a short online application form

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