Developing leaders who are passionate about providing a more holistic education for young people.

The Big Leadership Adventure is a two year leadership programme that explicitly supports passionate change makers in the mindsets, behaviours and confidence required to think and do things differently in education.

Access to expert trainers

Access exceptional trainers with expertise in the core programme mindsets. In year 2, you can opt in for the ‘train the trainer’ element, which aims to build confidence and skills in facilitating and training others, back in your own context.

Join a network of changemakers

Be part of a growing movement by creating meaningful connections and learning alongside others who empower you to be the change you want to see in the education sector.

Experiencing various forms of learning

Combination of online and face to face workshops, on job projects, immersive experiences, peer learning, and residential elements. The commitment is 11 full days in the first year, and less overall in year 2.

Learn alongside a diverse group of leaders

Challenge and broaden your thinking as you work as a collective with leaders from a range of different contexts within education, exploring beyond your own bubble. 

Your Big Leadership Adventure

the programme in a nutshell

The Big Leadership Adventure will provide a mix of taught input, cohort learning and on-the-job application, giving you the platform to lead change in both your organisation/school and the wider sector.


Philosophy of Education

This is a deep exploration of a personal sense of mission and purpose – fundamental for any leader trying to shake up the current paradigm.


7 Leadership Tools

Our 7 Leadership Tools coaching methodology explicitly trains leaders in a set of skills based on person centered coaching. We believe that knowing how to systematically empower and support those around you is a critical skill for all leaders.

Developing Reflective Capability

By developing reflective capability, leaders are able to be more transformational in their environments. This enables us to have a richer understanding of our unique contribution, whilst also learning to honestly pay attention to those habits that may hinder or hold us back.

Culture of Innovation

The Big Leadership Adventure aims to deepen leaders’ understanding of developing a culture of innovation and the risk associated with sticking to the status quo. You will reflect on your own organisation using a range of audit tools and develop the skills to shape the culture you want; a culture of innovation to harness a paradigm shift.


Design Thinking

Design Thinking provides an expansive, systematic process to innovation. This powerful methodology enables you to creatively problem solve and apply a different lens to a problem or area for innovation.

Train the trainer

We care about deliberately empowering each cohort to train others in their learning on the BLA. The Big Leadership Adventure will challenge you to develop not only for yourself, but in a way that enables you to spread and share your learning in your organisation/school and beyond.

Sector Strategy

A core principle of the Big Leadership Adventure is ‘feeding the ecosystem’ and we will be working together to explore what it means to play a role in creating lasting sector change.

Codifying your practice

We believe that learning to codify is an important skill for leaders who want to influence the system and  capitalise on this moment to move schools towards a bigger and bolder education.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

On the Big Leadership Adventure we recognise the importance of building a community which celebrates diversity and advocates for diverse people. You’ll be challenged to think about whether you are championing diversity and inclusion in your leadership and within your organisation.

Wider Offer

Alongside the core Big Leadership Adventure programme, there are a number of other opportunities for training and development that we offer to our leaders.

Our Alumni Community

Our alumni are ambassadors for the change we want to see within the sector. The Big Leadership Adventure provides a wealth of opportunity for you to be part of a growing movement for change both during and after the two year programme.

Ready to start 


Big Leadership Principles

Big Education Community

Doing real work now, not just training for the future

Work on self, work for others

Cracking the culture you want

Challenging the status quo

Feeding the ecosystem

Ready to start 


Who is the Big Leadership Adventure for?

Our Big Leadership Adventure programme is creating a community of leaders who are questioning the purpose of education and are authentic in their openness to learning and development. We see deep thinking, asking bold questions and employing purposeful tactics as imperative in ensuring our leaders play a maximally impactful role in making the paradigm shift that we want to see in the sector.

Headteacher, Senior Leader or Innovative Middle Leader working in a school

Business Leader or Social Entrepreneur working in education

More information

We believe in the importance of vertical leadership and the programme works to develop leaders at all levels  and those who don’t work in a school setting.

You do not need to have been a qualified teacher or have worked in a school before to apply for the Big Leadership Adventure.

The programme develops leaders in the context of a team. If you are interested in applying and  not currently working in a team, please get in touch as we would love to chat this through with you.


  • Two-Year programme
  • Approximately 11 full days in year one, a mix of weekday and Saturday workshops
  • Less days overall in year 2
  • Two residentials over the two years


  • 80% attendance
  • Travelling to London or a central location in the North of England (tbc) for aspects of the programme which are delivered face to face
  • Independent work on the BLA online platform
  • On-the-job application in your own context
  • Regular meeting with coaching group 
  • Buy-in from your school/organisation (if applicable), we will request a reference to confirm their support during the application process.

Programme Delivery

  • We will be running two cohorts – one in the North and one in the South
  • We have adapted to delivering the programme online given the current circumstances surrounding Covid-19
  • We  endeavour to deliver a number of workshops and residentials  face to face when it is safe to do so
  • Face to face delivery will take place in London or a central location in the North of England, if successful you’ll be allocated a place in the cohort closest to you geographically. Travel expenses are not covered by the cost of the programme

Cost of Programme

  • £2,500 per year, £5,000 total (£2500 for existing Big Leadership Adventure schools)
  • Paid by the individual or the organisation

If you need bespoke payment arrangements please do get in touch at [email protected]


  • For any individual or organisation interested in applying and unable to pay the full programme fees, we are committed to supporting you with finding a sponsor to  cover your place on the programme, and are able to  offer a small number of pro bono places for eligible applicants
  • Please highlight this on the ‘register interest’ form and we will be in touch with further details

Application deadlines

  • Applications will open on 8 March ‘21
  • Applications will close on 3 May ‘21
  • A second window of applications may open in early June, subject to availability
  • The BLA ‘21/22 programmes begin in August ‘21

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