Developing leaders who can change the story of education

We are looking for schools, social enterprises and leaders who are fed up with the status quo and ready to embark on a  journey with us – The Big Leadership Adventure, a two-year programme for those who who want challenge, variety and the life-changing skills for dramatic personal and professional growth.

Who are we looking for?

The Headteacher

Are you leading a good school, possibly one you have turned around? You are getting good exam scores and the school is running well. But you crave something more. You want to offer a richer curriculum and a wider repertoire of pedagogies. You want to see what’s out there and what might take your school to the next level.

The Senior Leader

Are you a senior leader who might want to run a school one day but want to do it in a different way? You don’t just want to maximise for exam results but want to offer a bigger education to your pupils. You are excited by education debates and relish the opportunity for more horizon scanning to add to your thinking.

The Social Entrepreneur

Are you someone with a passion for the education of young people and want to have the biggest possible impact? You may not be or want to be a qualified teacher but want to gain the tools and mindsets that will allow you to create programmes and eco-systems that might change the way we think about education.

The Innovative Middle Leader

Do you get frustrated with some of the ways schools are run? Are you itching to try different approaches? Are you trying out new things in your current role but want a bigger opportunity to learn the tools of an innovative leader.

We require leaders who are ready.

Ready for the professional challenge.

Ready to go on a personal journey that will be stretching and at times uncomfortable.

Ready to think differently about the challenges faced by schools.

The Big Leadership Adventure design principles

Giving feedback is a gift

Doing real work now, not just training for the future

Asking bigger questions

Transforming personally and intellectually

Building heroic teams not individuals

Feeding the ecosystem

The Big Leadership Adventure will equip leaders with three toolkits...

Programme components

Team problem solving

Support for SLT

Personal storytelling


Designing new schools

On-the-job coaching

School innovation projects

Immersive experiences

A powerful coaching toolkit

What's the commitment?

For the leader

5 full days out of school

6 twilights (leaving school early)

Induction: 5th July

5 Saturdays (two of which are overnight immersive retreats)

Immersive retreats: 27 – 28 August and 20 – 21 March

Staying in your school or organisation for the duration of the programme, unless your new school/organisation is willing to cover the remaining costs of the programme

For the school / organisation

Headteacher/chief exec participates in some or all of the programme​

Allow school release time for leaders on the programme (see commitments for the leader)

Minimum of two leaders from each school on the programme

School/organisation to put forward a menu of 3 potential “innovation” or “dilemma” areas

Applications open in January 2020, register your interest below.