The Big Team Adventure is designed to support you as a senior team to take stock of where you are in relation to creating a ‘big’ education and to build your capabilities and vision.

The time is now to ignite the next phase of growth for your school!

The Problem

You are interested in this programme because some of what Big Education stands for resonates with you. You might be most interested in how your school can develop a more expansive curriculum offer, or how you can redesign your assessment to better capture and articulate your pupils’ learning. Or maybe it is your interest in developing a more community connected organisation, or developmental culture with your staff.

Whatever the reason, we know that, even without Covid, making change in school can be hard. Fighting the toxicity of Ofsted and accountability measures, to do what you know is right for children in your care, can be overwhelming, demotivating and distressing. 

But we also know that the pandemic has highlighted that doing things differently is possible – everyone has innovated and adapted in extraordinary ways. This work requires courage, boldness and vulnerability. It also requires a team who are willing to go on this journey with you.

The Big Team Adventure is designed to support you as a senior team to take stock of where you are in relation to creating a ‘big’ education, and to build your capabilities and vision for the next phase.

The Programme

The Big Team Adventure works with the Senior Leadership Team of a school to (re)ignite, refresh and (re)connect, to ensure they are ready to go on a journey to achieving bigger things within school AND are equipped with the toolkits and frameworks to go on that journey.

The name - let's break it down!


It’s BIG because we believe in a BIG EDUCATION. This is not any old team programme – this is explicitly about helping you take your school on a journey to delivering a more expansive education.


We believe teamwork is essential, so this programme supports your whole leadership team to learn, reflect and connect together. It’s both about HOW you work as a team, and WHAT you want to do.


We are committed to innovation and exploring new horizons. Our programme does not have one fixed end point, but will support you on your own adventure to find your next steps.

Our Leadership Philosophy

A commitment to innovation is core to our programmes. Creating a culture and the right behaviours within a team, to embed innovation with rigour into an organisation is key. The most influential concept and research for the Big Team Adventure is ‘Psychological Safety’ (Edmundson & Lei, 2014); the behaviours within an organisation that create the conditions for teams to feel safe taking risks, asking for help, learning from failure, speaking up and providing feedback. This fosters a culture of enquiry and an openness to challenging the status quo and each other. 

The Big Team Adventure embodies the importance of a ‘deliberately developmental culture’ at its core, where hierarchies of learning are reduced and staff feel able to talk about mistakes, risks and failure. For schools to foster a climate of innovation, there must be an openness to learning and this must be everybody’s responsibility.

Big Education Diagnostic Tool

Once we have worked with the team to unearth their potential, we move into strategy. The Big Education Diagnostic is a critical component of this shared endeavour. This dialogic tool works to encapsulate what a school/organisation delivering A Big Education can and should look like. 

It is designed to support the development of a strategy that is underpinned by a belief in educating the whole child, and is designed for schools who believe that education can and should be done differently.

Structure of the Big Team Adventure

The Big Team Adventure includes workshops, whole team coaching, projects and peer learning delivered in person and online and includes a team diagnostic as the start and end of the programme.

The members of SLT who are part of the Big Team Adventure will support the design of the sessions. This aligns with a core principle of exponential growth.

The next wave of the Big Team Adventure starts in January 2022 in London and we have limited places available. If you are a school outside of London and interested in this programme, please reach out and a member of the team can discuss options with you.


To discuss a start date or for any other questions please do not hesitate to get in contact