We are so happy you are here! It means that you, like us, want to deliver a Big Education – one which values the head, the heart and the hand. You and your school have reached a place where you are doing good things, but you want more, you want the next step – and we are here to help!

We know that wanting to do things differently can be lonely and challenging in the face of high stakes accountability. The good news is that you have found a whole community of teachers and leaders who are on the journey with you. 

We aim to:

Inspire you

to reconnect with your ‘why?’

Guide you

with powerful resources and training to enable you to move to more of a Big Education

Connect you

with a community of changemakers trying to break out of the status-quo

Grow you

helping you make progress in your career

Our courses

‘I’m OK, You’re OK’ - Developing a culture of positive staff wellbeing

Nicola Noble co-Head of Surrey Square

Who is this course aimed at? Leaders who want to prioritise developing a positive staff culture as we return in September

How does it contribute to a Big Education? Change is difficult - if we want to move to a Big Education, we need to ensure that the most precious changemakers in schools - leaders and teachers - feel positive about themselves and their organisation

4 online sessions

3 live webinars


School 21’s Real World Learning Project - Getting started in your school

Cassie Cramer RWLP Programme Manager, School 21

Who is this course aimed at? School leaders who want to implement a programme of Real World Learning Placements in their schools - learning from the lessons of School21’s ambitious programme

How does it contribute to a Big Education? This is a key component of a Big Education - in many ways the culmination of the project-based learning journey. Sending Y10/Y12 students out into the world to make a real difference - as well as getting a great experience of the workplace and exposure to a range of career options in the future

4 online sessions

3 live webinars


Developing High Functioning Senior Teams - new year, new start

Liz Robinson co-Director, Big Education

Who is this course aimed at? Head teachers wanting to refresh their relationship with their SLT team

How does it contribute to a Big Education? If we want to implement a Big Education, strong leadership teams are vital - teams who lead like Big Education leaders

4 online sessions

3 live webinars