Aspect of a Big Education:Deliberately developmental

Supporting the mindset shift:

From proving effectiveness to improving practice


Developing High Performing Teams

You believe and want a Big Education – one which encompasses the head, the heart and the hand. An education that not only delivers great results, but also develops the whole person. An education which trusts and develops high performing individuals at all levels. An education system that is focussed on excellence and high-performance.

Liz Robinson Co-director, Big Education


Introduction to ‘Fast Feedback’ with Ivy Learning Trust and Big Education

In collaboration with Big Education, we will share our story of how we abolished written marking and embedded Fast Feedback to create truly effective learners with ownership over their own learning; whilst simultaneously reducing teacher workload. We’ll facilitate an exploration of how you could create something similar in your context.

Gemma Whitby Co-Author of Fast Feedback


Rethinking Top-Down Accountability in Schools

All leaders want to ensure high-quality teaching and learning in their schools. At Big Education, we believe in empowering teachers and staff by using a bottom-up approach to drive their own development and learning. We want to move away from over-monitoring and a heavy handed ‘Ofsted’ style approach.

Matt Morden Co-Headteacher of Surrey Square Primary