Aspect of a Big Education:Relationships and behaviours

Supporting the mindset shift:

From compliance to empowerment


‘I’m OK, You’re OK’ – Developing a culture of positive staff wellbeing

Looking after ourselves has never been more challenging, nor more important. For recovery to be effective, looking after ourselves is essential. However, we know it can be hard for leaders to prioritise and model this – other things can often seem to be more important. This course will help you prioritise positive staff wellbeing.

Nicola Noble Co-headteacher, Surrey Square Primary

An Oracy-Based Coaching Curriculum with School 21


Big 8 - Your leadership foundations toolkit, Sept '22

To achieve ‘A Big Education’ we need to move from monologue to dialogue, from groupthink to multiple perspectives, to leading and listening. It requires a culture of feedback, challenge and support. This course will develop you in the toolkit of the Big 8 – a set of behaviours, mindsets, cultures, and approaches that underpin this work.
Liz Robinson

Liz Robinson Co-Director, Big Education


Developing High Performing Teams

You believe and want a Big Education – one which encompasses the head, the heart and the hand. An education that not only delivers great results, but also develops the whole person. An education which trusts and develops high performing individuals at all levels. An education system that is focussed on excellence and high-performance.

Liz Robinson Co-director, Big Education


Leadership and Strategic Communication Playbook

The pandemic has made one aspect of our leadership even more important: communication. Get it right and we can build a great team spirit and sense of community to get through a crisis and build strong next steps.

Peter Hyman 


Staff Wellbeing Playbook

This playbook shares our insights and ideas about how to support staff (and your own) wellbeing at this time. It sets out a way of taking stock, having conversations, considering ideas and starting to form a plan for the coming months.

Nicola Noble Co-headteacher, Surrey Square Primary