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Winter 2022

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For students to succeed academically in this complex world with many pressures and challenges they must be well. At Big Education we believe student well-being is a critical component and should be at the heart of every school. 

School 21 have developed an exciting coaching curriculum of student well-being focused on personal, social and emotional development and based on oracy.  

The coaching curriculum is about providing experiences that allow students to view themselves and others through different perspectives. Through rich experience, discussion, reflection, and responsive 3-1s, coachees will have the opportunity to better understand the contexts in which they exist., There is a hope that students will develop an awareness of who they are, actively cultivating positive attitudes and behaviours, exploring beliefs or ways of being, and becoming aware of individual as well as societal patterns of behaviour and responses.

In this course, the School 21 team will be sharing their learnings and resources to provoke enriched discussion.

Important Information

Session dates

Winter 2022

Who is it aimed at?

Pastoral leaders, Leaders in Primary and Secondary schools

How does it contribute to a Big Education?

Student wellbeing is a vital part of a Big Education. However, we need to go deeper than surface-level interventions. We need to encourage students to truly ‘find their voice’ in order to set the conditions for sustainable wellbeing.

An Oracy-Based Coaching Curriculum with School 21

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