Aspect of a Big Education

A collective voice within the system

Yesterday was an exciting day for Big Education, as we launched the Next Big 10 – a network of schools who believe in a broader and more meaningful education for young people….
Big Education

Learning without rushing into the content

Planning any group learning experience is challenging….
Joe Pardoe
The definition of a school is “an institution for educating children.” (Oxford Languages), this discusses the fact that Surrey Square Primary School is more than that. …
Eleanor, Elly, Freya, Shahad and Selena

A portfolio that values the whole child

The current UK assessment system isn’t fit for purpose. It is too narrow, has a negative impact on mental health and labels a third of young people as failures….
Matt Morden

Data from Teacher Tapp

Teachers feel like they are working longer hours than ever before… we know this because at Teacher Tapp we check. …
Karen Wespieser MBE

5 takeaways on bold and innovative leadership

A couple of weeks ago, we brought together over 50 educational leaders to discuss how leadership can connect our present to our ideals for the future of education in the UK. …
Cintia Shiratori

Now is the time to rekindle our sense of vision, strategy and purpose

‘You campaign in poetry and govern in prose’. That was the phrase that we often quoted from American politician Mario Cuomo, when we were finding it hard going in government. …
Peter Smith

My reflections

Wellbeing has always been on the agenda in my setting, for both staff and students, and I always felt we were a healthy working environment for the majority of staff. …
Meg Drummond

A Big Team Adventure!

Yesterday marked the start of something special. I shadowed and supported Peter Hyman, Co-Director of Big Education delivering the first session of the Big Team Adventure with two Suffolk schools. …
Nadia Hewstone

Is there another way?

During the pandemic, one of the notable experiences for teachers and leaders was the huge shift in dynamics around quality assurance and monitoring of work. Many experienced the need for significantly higher levels of tr…
Liz Robinson

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