Aspect of a Big Education

Shouting louder about doing things differently cover
Next Big 10 is not your standard professional development programme. It doesn’t have a set of material, it isn’t pre-planned, and its success will not be measured by improved exam results....
Thank you Mr Pascoe cover
The very first day I set foot in my primary school, I felt ‘at home’. I vividly remember telling my Head Teacher, Mr Wheller, that I’d like his job when I was...
Education Select Committee, Careers Education, January 2023 cover
Big Education shared recommendations and ideas for then improvement of careers education at the Houses of Parliament, Education Select Committee....
Big Education
Our wishes for education in 2023 cover
In December, we crowdsourced ‘Wishes for Education’ from our community, made up of teachers, leaders, students, businesses and social entrepreneurs....
What do you remember about school? cover
“What do you remember about school?”. I wonder if I ask you that now, what would you say?...
How has School 21 grown through the years? cover
School 21 is a very unique place with a lot of history behind it. Our school has helped hundreds of students from 4-18 years old to prepare for adulthood, and has been...

A collective voice within the system

Yesterday was an exciting day for Big Education, as we launched the Next Big 10 – a network of schools who believe in a broader and more meaningful education for young people….
Big Education

Learning without rushing into the content

Planning any group learning experience is challenging….
Joe Pardoe
The definition of a school is “an institution for educating children.” (Oxford Languages), this discusses the fact that Surrey Square Primary School is more than that. …
Eleanor, Elly, Freya, Shahad and Selena

A portfolio that values the whole child

The current UK assessment system isn’t fit for purpose. It is too narrow, has a negative impact on mental health and labels a third of young people as failures….
Matt Morden

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