Building High-Performing Teams (NOV 21)

You believe and want a Big Education – one which encompasses the head, the heart and the hand. An education that not only delivers great results, but also develops the whole person. An education which trusts and develops high performing individuals at all levels. An education system that is focussed on excellence and high-performance, but […]

Big 8 Leadership Foundations

Welcome to the start of your Big 8 journey! ‘Everyone wants to change the world, but no one wants to change themselves’ (Tolstoy, L) This quote sits at the core of what we, at Big Education, believe about leadership. Too often, in education, we see ourselves and others as ‘experts’, meaning that leaders don’t always […]

Welcome to the Big Leadership Adventure!

The Big Leadership Adventure is the culmination of many years of thinking and planning. We formed Big Education in September 2018 because we and our teams believe that significant change and new thinking is required within education. The problems with the status quo are well rehearsed; we are failing too many young people now, but also failing […]

Real World Learning (NOV 21)

This CPD brings to life the approach Big Education and School 21 have taken to work experience and is for the teacher responsible for work experience in school. The CPD is both informative and practical. The CPD will take teachers from no awareness of the RWLP to believing a RWLP is for them, their school and their pupils. And it will help to drive them to action with practical activities.

This CPD is designed to shift schools and teachers from no awareness and belief to belief, awareness, consideration and action. The action is to start planning a RWLP, connecting with Big Education for further support, and joining a community with other schools and professionals running RWLPs.  

Big Education Compass

You are here because you know that the education system we currently have is not as good as it could be. You came into this profession for much more than managing behaviour, inputing data and squeezing out exam grades. However, making a change is difficult. It can be hard to know where to start. It […]

‘I’m ok, you’re ok’ – Creating a culture of positive staff wellbeing

One of the major themes which emerged during the pandemic was the need for a renewed emphasis on staff wellbeing. Burnout has been a  persistent issue in the profession, but lockdown has brought it to the forefront and given new perspectives on how to solve the issue. Leaders often do not prioritise their own wellbeing, […]