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What is Johari’s Window?

Johari’s Window is a simple yet powerful tool for understanding self-awareness and communication within relationships. Developed by psychologists Luft and Ingham, it’s visualised as a four-pane window.

The “Open” pane represents information known by both you and others, like your personality traits or work skills. The “Unaware” pane includes aspects of yourself that others see but you’re unaware of, perhaps a mannerism or hidden talent. Conversely, the “Hidden” pane houses things you know about yourself but choose not to reveal, like insecurities or dreams. Finally, the “Unknown” pane represents the mysterious depths yet to be discovered by you or anyone else.

By disclosing information and seeking feedback, you can increase the “Open” pane, fostering trust and better understanding.  Johari’s Window highlights the dynamic nature of self-awareness and provides a framework for improving communication and relationships.

What is an example use of Johari’s Window?

This model helps us think about two key tools for Big Education – connecting and feedback. Connecting is how we actively build trust by sharing openly about ourselves – this moves information from being ‘hidden’ into being open.

Listening to candid and kind feedback helps us get in touch with information about ourselves that is ‘unknown’ to us – this could be ‘you have spinach in your teeth’ or ‘the way you spoke in that meeting made me feel uncomfortable’.

This is such a powerful tool to use with teams or individuals – to help understand why these practices are so important.

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