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What is ORJI?

The ORJI framework, developed by Edgar H. Schein, is a tool for understanding our internal thought processes. It stands for Observation, Reaction, Judgment, and Intervention.

Here’s how it works: First, we Observe something in our environment. This could be a situation, a person’s behaviour, or even an internal thought. Then, we have a Reaction to what we observed. This might be an emotional response, a gut feeling, or an initial interpretation. Based on this reaction, we make a Judgement about the situation. This judgement shapes how we understand what’s happening. Finally, the Judgement leads to an Intervention, which is our outward response. This could be anything from taking action to simply forming an opinion.

By reflecting on each stage of the ORJI cycle, we can become more mindful of our thought processes. This awareness allows us to make more conscious choices about how we react and intervene in situations. This can be helpful for improving self-reflection, communication, and overall decision-making.

What is an example use of ORJI?

This tool is a reminder to help ourselves emotionally regulate. It is useful to have a printed copy up in your workspace – by your desk, in your classroom etc. 

A good place to have them on display is the staff toilets!

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