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What is Radical Candour?

Radical candour is a communication framework created by Kim Scott, aimed at providing both clear and caring feedback. It emphasises giving honest criticism while also showing genuine care for the person receiving it.

Imagine it as having two sides: caring personally and challenging directly. Caring personally means having the other person’s best interest at heart and wanting them to succeed. Challenging directly involves providing specific and clear feedback, even if it’s critical. The key is to strike a balance between these two aspects.

Radical candour avoids being overly critical or harsh (Obnoxious Aggression) or simply sugar coating problems (Ruinous Empathy). It aims to create a space for open communication where people can learn and grow from both praise and constructive criticism.

What is an example use of Radical Candour?

This model is useful to reflect on how we give each other feedback. 

It is useful as a tool to support contracting in teams about how we will give each other feedback, and as a reminder of a model to practise doing this well. 

It is useful if you see someone showing one of the less positive behaviours as a supportive way of showing a different approach.

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