Learning from Lockdown

How the current crisis could change the way we think about education

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Peter Hyman, Co-Director Big Education, Co-Founder School 21

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Learning from Lockdown Playbooks

Our playbooks capture insights and practical ideas from the Learning from Lockdown community around a number of themes, from staff wellbeing to how to rethink as well as recover post lockdown. The aim is to support schools with the goal of building back better.


This blog tries to answer the question, what can we learn from lockdown that will improve education when schools return?  This blog will help to curate some of these ideas and insights, so that this extraordinary forced experiment genuinely has lasting legacy and real benefit.

Our belief is that we can emerge from this difficult period with a better, bolder and more fulfilling way of schooling our children. With your help we can do something really special. Please sign up, contribute, and make your voice heard.

Enquiry questions

What things have you started doing that you want to keep?

What are the things you want to get rid of on your return to school?

What do you miss from the way things were before the crisis?

Lessons from Lockdown


Why we need to learn the power of ‘and'

Liz Robinson Co-Director, Big Education

I wasn’t expecting to write a part 2 to this blog. But it has been a funny couple of weeks. This blog is about boldness, why it matters, and what is stopping it from happening in education. If we are to build the...

Skills learnt during lockdown can be applied to the live classroom

Phoebe Judd Primary Teacher, School21

Teaching skills based learning virtually has been a huge challenge for educators recently. YouTube videos have been a fantastic solution when it comes to demonstrating the processes involved in creating something. They...

How do we tackle it in an ever-growing digital world?

Zahara Chowdhury English Consultant/Founder of School Should Be

Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and now the up and coming Clubhouse are social media apps rife with millions of people who have ‘influence’. Instagram alone boasts 909.8 million users this year…and is growing even as I write...

...How our sense of Community helped us through!

Tracey O'Brien Senior Deputy Headteacher, Hampton High

Currently working in a Secondary School in South West London, I am a Deputy Headteacher with over 25 years teaching experience. I have worked in lot’s of different environments, mainly in inner London, and worked through...