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Post lockdown we need to create a sense of belonging for all identities

Hannah Wilson Founder, Diverse Educators

Allies: noun. a state formally cooperating with another for a military or other purpose. verb. combine or unite a resource or commodity with (another) for mutual benefit. Allyship: A lifelong process of building relation...

There are no quick fixes - moving beyond tokenism requires time and understanding

Hannah Jepson Director, Engaging for Success; Co-Founder and Director, LGBTed

As someone who has worked in education for most of their career, I am not surprised by the way many in the sector have responded to this most challenging of times. I am proud to belong to a community so committed to...

Rich learnings from across the Challenge Partners network for a better post-Covid schools system

Dr Kate Chhatwal CEO of Challenge Partners

As we approach the end of term, the two things on most education minds are: ‘are we nearly there yet?’ and ‘what more do we need to do now to be ready for September?’ Important questions, especially the focus on taking...

Illuminating insights from a range of thoughtful leaders

Peter Hyman Co-Director, Big Education

The Learning from Lockdown blog has a clear aim: To learn the lessons of what we're doing now, so that we can improve education when we go back, full on. We've had some amazing contributions already....

Why we need to act post lockdown to change our approach to schools’ ‘repeat offenders’

Jonathan Palmer Assistant Head Teacher for Data and Assessment

I have often used the phrase “we are a product of our surroundings” when talking with young people. In fact I can remember the very first time I used this as a young, very nervous middle leader delivering my first whole...

Our eyes have been opened to the real purpose of education

Carolyn Laws Headteacher, St James’ Catholic High School, London

School leaders are currently in the bizarre position of having to work simultaneously in parallel realities. Dealing with the situation on the ground right now - are all the hand sanitisers in place? Is that temperature...

How lockdown has changed my view of school

Ahmed Abdi Year 9 Student

It was one of our dreams as teenagers. Staying up all night, playing games without control, and spending Ramadan at home in your bed. I was over excited. As school closed, I felt free. It was like an early summer holiday...

New models of schooling are essential to address the needs of those living in poverty

Nick Canning Founder & CEO, Kizazi

Covid-19 has exposed and exacerbated the challenges faced everyday by families across the world who are living in poverty. Our organization Kizazi exists to support the development of breakthrough school models in...

Now is the time to change an education system marinated in toxic stress

Deborah Spratling Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and Supervisor

The impact of Covid-19 has fuelled the need for change in our families, jobs and education. It is time to reflect, after the chaos and unpredictably, what we have learnt about ourselves but no more so than in the...

Greater collaboration and access to inspiration across the world has driven innovation

Nicolette Sorba Senior Assistant Head, Wapping High School

If I tell you I am an English teacher, as well as a senior leader, you will not be surprised by my choice of quote. But as we reach the 12th week of lockdown and the ups and downs of trying to pave a clear way through...