Learning from Lockdown Events

Our events are a chance to really engage with a community of educators who are hoping to see positive changes in our education system as a result of what we have learnt during this crisis. Here you can sign up to new events or re-watch our previous sessions.

Learning from Lockdown Teachmeet @ School21

Wednesday 2nd December 17:00-19:00

The pandemic and subsequent lockdown has had huge implications for schools – perhaps the most experimental period in education since public education was established.

But, what has been the result? What has worked, what hasn’t? What will stick and what will disappear into the dustbin of history?

Will the lockdown have given us new perspectives on old problems? What will homework, staff meetings, parental engagement and leadership look like in two years time? How are schools dealing with the issues caused by Covid-19 now, and what will they continue to do when the pandemic era has ended?

Join Big Education and School 21 in exploring these ideas in a Teachmeet on Wednesday 2nd of December. Tickets will be available soon but you can register your interest in attending here.

Past events

Leadership and Strategic Communication Playbook Launch 

Wed, 26 November 2020

Type – Online

Learning from Lockdown Case Studies

Thursday, 22 October 2020

Type – Online

Rethinking and Redesigning School Practices Playbook Launch 

Wed, 23 Sept 2020

Type – Online

Staff Wellbeing Playbook Launch 

Mon, 6 July 2020

Type – Online