Learning from Lockdown Playbooks

Our playbooks capture insights and practical ideas from the Learning from Lockdown community around a number of themes, from staff wellbeing to how to rethink as well as recover post lockdown. The aim is to support schools with the goal of building back better.

Building Back Better Playbook

Schools have had to face the huge challenge of children returning after Covid with a fluid and constantly set of government directives and expectations. Yet at the same time, this remains a time of possibility and optimism. We can build back better.

Staff Wellbeing Playbook

This playbook shares our insights and ideas about how to support staff (and your own) wellbeing at this time. It sets out a way of taking stock, having conversations, considering ideas and starting to form a plan for the coming months.

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Rethinking and Redesigning School Practices Playbook Launch 

Wed, 23 Sept 2020

Type – Online

Staff Wellbeing Playbook Launch 

Mon, 6 July 2020

Type – Online