Learning from Lockdown

How the current crisis could change the way we think about education

Peter Hyman, Co-Director Big Education, Co-Founder School 21

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Learning from Lockdown Playbooks

Our playbooks capture insights and practical ideas from the Learning from Lockdown community around a number of themes, from staff wellbeing to how to rethink as well as recover post lockdown. The aim is to support schools with the goal of building back better.


This blog tries to answer the question, what can we learn from lockdown that will improve education when schools return?  This blog will help to curate some of these ideas and insights, so that this extraordinary forced experiment genuinely has lasting legacy and real benefit.

Our belief is that we can emerge from this difficult period with a better, bolder and more fulfilling way of schooling our children. With your help we can do something really special. Please sign up, contribute, and make your voice heard.

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What things have you started doing that you want to keep?

What are the things you want to get rid of on your return to school?

What do you miss from the way things were before the crisis?

Lessons from Lockdown


Things you would have been laughed at for suggesting 12 months ago, now make perfect sense

Jon Tait MAT Deputy CEO, Director of School Improvement

There are many things that schools are now doing, that previous to the pandemic, we’d have never dreamed of doing. Split lunchtimes, blended learning, staggered starts and ends to the day are just a few that spring to...

Surveys from large numbers of parents show better communication with parents and real contact with pupils will make a big difference to remote learning.

Fiona Forbes Founder, Sept for Schools

I set up a campaign group called ‘September for Schools’ in early June 2020 with three other working parents. My group campaigned for the safe reopening of schools and for homeschooling to be considerably improved...

Learning from lockdown to reinvent parental engagement

Trisha McCartney Head of Primary Literacy, School21

‘Bring a Parent to School Week’ is usually highly anticipated by the children, parents and staff at School 21. Parents and carers are welcomed into classrooms to learn alongside their children for an hour every morning...

What case studies from American ‘makerspaces’ teach us about the power of creativity during lockdown and beyond.

Gaia Innes Fasso Innovation Consultant and Researcher

Learning from lockdown has meant very different things for students in different personal and family circumstances, and depending on what curriculum their schools followed. Since the beginning of lockdowns in March 2020...