Learning from Lockdown

How the current crisis could change the way we think about education

Peter Hyman, Co-Director Big Education, Co-Founder School 21

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Learning from Lockdown Playbooks

Our playbooks capture insights and practical ideas from the Learning from Lockdown community around a number of themes, from staff wellbeing to how to rethink as well as recover post lockdown. The aim is to support schools with the goal of building back better.


This blog tries to answer the question, what can we learn from lockdown that will improve education when schools return?  This blog will help to curate some of these ideas and insights, so that this extraordinary forced experiment genuinely has lasting legacy and real benefit.

Our belief is that we can emerge from this difficult period with a better, bolder and more fulfilling way of schooling our children. With your help we can do something really special. Please sign up, contribute, and make your voice heard.

Enquiry questions

What things have you started doing that you want to keep?

What are the things you want to get rid of on your return to school?

What do you miss from the way things were before the crisis?

Lessons from Lockdown


Learning for the next crisis?

Joe Hallgarten Curriculum Development Lead with the LETTA Trust, and Director of the HertsCam Network.

My most exciting moment in my first term with the LETTA Trust, a small MAT in Poplar, Tower Hamlets, had nothing to do with me and almost everything to do with almost every other member of staff. As I left my classroom...

Moving beyond the Zoom lesson

Harry Marson Head of Secondary Projects

What are the experiences we are giving pupils through virtual learning? Well it is certainly a different context from the normal school day where pupils move between spaces designed for learning, with others their age...

Has the pandemic provided an opportunity for us to re-think where, and how, learning takes place?

Joe Pardoe Strategic Content Creator, Big Education

When schools were closed for the vast majority of students in March, our understanding of the concept of school and education was changed. For good. For most of modern history, school was a place where students learned...

How we can use technology more effectively to deliver a more expansive education

Kiran Mahil Assistant Headteacher, Central Foundation Girls School

We are now nearing the end of the first term since schools have fully returned after the national lockdown, so it seems like an appropriate point for reflection. The largest social experiment in online learning took...