Learning from Lockdown

How the current crisis could change the way we think about education

Peter Hyman, Co-Director Big Education, Co-Founder School 21

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This blog tries to answer the question, what can we learn from lockdown that will improve education when schools return?  This blog will help to curate some of these ideas and insights, so that this extraordinary forced experiment genuinely has lasting legacy and real benefit.

Our belief is that we can emerge from this difficult period with a better, bolder and more fulfilling way of schooling our children. With your help we can do something really special. Please sign up, contribute, and make your voice heard.

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What things have you started doing that you want to keep?

What are the things you want to get rid of on your return to school?

What do you miss from the way things were before the crisis?

Lessons from Lockdown

Wonderful examples of skilled use of technology are here to stay post lockdown

Lord Knight Chief Education & External Officer at TES, formerly Schools Minister

The last ten weeks of school closures are full of lessons and reminders. It has been a time when schools have had to shift from compliance to innovation. The discomfort of many has been apparent, not least with...

How we can support leaders in their agonising and complex role

Sir David Carter Executive Director of System Leadership at Ambition Institute, Formerly National Schools Commissioner

Last week I was invited to attend a workshop that was delivered by a team from Bloomberg who specialise in talent development. Bloomberg are one of the fantastic partners that Ambition Institute work with. The session...

Illuminating insights from a range of thoughtful leaders

Peter Hyman Co-Director, Big Education

The Learning from Lockdown blog has a clear aim: To learn the lessons of what we're doing now, so that we can improve education when we go back, full on. We've had some amazing contributions already....

We must understand what the most vulnerable have gone through if we are to rise to the challenge of supporting them after lockdown

Dan Morrow CEO, Woodland Academy Trust

Knowing what impact the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting lockdown has truly had on those who are socially, economically or emotionally vulnerable is impossible to quantify at this point. There are lots of numbers...