Learning from Lockdown

How the current crisis could change the way we think about education

Peter Hyman, Co-Director Big Education, Co-Founder School 21

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Learning from Lockdown Playbooks

Our playbooks capture insights and practical ideas from the Learning from Lockdown community around a number of themes, from staff wellbeing to how to rethink as well as recover post lockdown. The aim is to support schools with the goal of building back better.


This blog tries to answer the question, what can we learn from lockdown that will improve education when schools return?  This blog will help to curate some of these ideas and insights, so that this extraordinary forced experiment genuinely has lasting legacy and real benefit.

Our belief is that we can emerge from this difficult period with a better, bolder and more fulfilling way of schooling our children. With your help we can do something really special. Please sign up, contribute, and make your voice heard.

Enquiry questions

What things have you started doing that you want to keep?

What are the things you want to get rid of on your return to school?

What do you miss from the way things were before the crisis?

Lessons from Lockdown


Now is the time to shape a more expansive vision for our schools

Peter Hyman Co-Director, Big Education

One of the effects of the tumultuous events of the last six months is that some of the orthodoxies in education in England have been challenged in profound ways.The settlement of the last 10 to 15 years is beginning to...

Now is the time to teach sustainability in new ways that produce ‘educated optimists’

Richard Donnelly Educator and Consultant, Liberated Learning

Most of the earliest COVID-19 cases can likely be traced to a ‘wet market’ in Wuhan selling wild animals. The Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted our relationship with the natural world. The tragic and needless loss of...

In conversation with Nicola Noble

Liz Robinson Co-Director, Big Education

I'm joined today in conversation with Nicola Noble, co-head of Surrey Square Primary School. Nicola, it's great to have a chance to come back together, having worked with you on the wellbeing playbook. We worked...

The importance of the home-school link

Anna Kyrk Head of Middle School

When I first became Head of Middle School, I was keen to put relationships with our community at the heart of everything we did. I noticed straight away that although there were some strengths, our relationship with our...