Case Study: Embedding video lessons in the classroom

Skills learnt during lockdown can be applied to the live classroom


Teaching skills-based learning virtually has been a huge challenge for educators recently. YouTube videos have been a fantastic solution when it comes to demonstrating the processes involved in creating something. They allow children to choose their own pace of learning, recap learning as much as they want and share their learning with friends and family.

This isn’t something we can always offer when demonstrating skills from the Primary classroom. It can be challenging and daunting having to model a specific skill such as painting, drawing, sewing, pottery or any other craft that requires prior knowledge and practise. Ensuring everyone can see, the children are focussed, pace is maintained as well as standard classroom management means we sometimes have to compromise on the quality of our instruction. This can sometimes lead to the children feeling underprepared, under confident and mean the teacher ends up dashing around remodelling and correcting misconceptions.

However, now we have more experience with technology this doesn’t have to be the case. Is there a way to incorporate the use of video tutorials into our everyday practice in the classroom?

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