Case Study: Remote learning from the view of a parent

Will she still love me when this is over?


I write this from my bed, it’s 6am as she lays next to me watching TV. Yes my seven year old likes an early start. My office floor is covered in craft that we have been making, my kitchen table is now a classroom and, if I’m lucky, I will finish my day at 11pm before we start again. Now, repeat that five times!

Some context – I’m a father of one, solo parent and sole trader. I was missed off the list for government grants so I must work between the ‘homeschooling’ of my child to generate the income we need to pay the bills. Thankfully this lockdown allows me to be in a bubble with my mother, so I have some support. However it’s to be used sparingly and wisely, she’s great for a 73 year old but there’s only so much football in the garden even this super-gran can do.

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