Case Study: Upskill Me digital portfolios

5 Benefits of Digital Portfolios: Our Work with School 21


School 21 was our earliest partner here at Upskill Me, joining for the pilot programme in 2019, and remaining an incredibly engaged school on the platform. Initially onboarding their Year 12 cohort in September 2019, the students enthusiastically adopted our service, with every single user active on the platform. Over 80% have since logged activities, ranging anywhere from a couple of hours, up to 200 per user in the first 3 months.

The skills and reflections demonstrated by School 21 students surprised and impressed us every week; feedback from the students themselves suggested that it surprised them as well, providing a crucial reminder of all their hard work that may otherwise have been forgotten in an even harder year.

In that spirit, we’ve paired up with School 21 to do a reflection of our work together, and are happy to present the five main benefits of using digital portfolios in schools.

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