Metamorphosis: Using re-entry as a springboard for helping vulnerable primary school pupils fly

How to use the arts to unlock the potential of vulnerable pupils


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What is going to matter most about the process of re-entry? Immediate preoccupations will inevitably lie with resolving safety challenges, the practicalities of social distancing, and staffing. But here I want to argue that, for pupils experiencing disadvantage and most especially those pupils for whom lockdown has meant loss, creating a re-entry experience that is truly developmental and socially safe is going to be at least as important. Like everyone else worrying about the effect of lockdown on vulnerable pupils, I have marvelled at the ingenuity of teachers, leaders and schools in providing immediate support. Happily, there is emerging evidence to suggest an important way of widening our offer, thinking creatively and establishing new and deep partnerships as we go, though embedding the arts right across the primary learning experience.

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