My mother getting Coronavirus was a turning point in my life

How lockdown has changed my view of school

Ahmed Abdi Year 9 Student


It was one of our dreams as teenagers. Staying up all night, playing games without control, and spending Ramadan at home in your bed. I was over excited. As school closed, I felt free. It was like an early summer holiday. Everyone was hoping this day would come where there was no work to do. I planned to play video games all day and stay up as late as I wanted to. Usually on school days we had to sleep early and wake up early, which really annoyed me. Now I finally have a chance to have fun and fill my time with joy and happiness.

The only thing that made me feel anxious and afraid was the number of deaths that were increasing day by day. I was terrified about the lives that the coronavirus had taken, although I never showed that fear until….

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