No more school! The perspective of a Y13 student

Learning the lessons of remote learning during a global pandemic to reform the way young people are educated

Aisha Isroliwala Y13 Student


Covid-19 has created what was once an unimaginable situation for every teacher and student; cancelled exams, remote learning and of course, the long term closure of schools themselves. Personally, the effects have been largely a negative; from being unable to complete my school experience as a year 13 student, to living in a state of uncertainty when it comes to basically my entire future.

However, time has allowed me to look at this situation with a breath of optimism and I have started to see it as an opportunity to improve the way that we educate the millions of students across the UK. We have been given an abnormal situation which should be taken advantage of as a launchpad for change. I have taken my personal experience of these changes and have come up with suggested alternatives in the way that young people are  educated.

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