Strengthening relationships with children and families during lockdown

Why one to one well-being conversations with every child should be the norm in the future


The hardest moment of closing schools to the majority of our pupils was saying goodbye and not knowing when exactly we would see them again. As teachers we had spent just over 5 months with our classes. Not only did we see them make progress in their learning and behaviour, we spent time getting to know them; forming relationships which enabled them to thrive both personally and academically. Our main priority has and will always be the well-being and the connectedness we have with our pupils and their families and this was being compromised by the lockdown. Our mission, ‘personal and academic excellence; everyone, everyday’ intentionally starts with the personal because we know if our pupils don’t have their personal needs met then they have little chance of accessing the academic learning and this couldn’t be more true during the current pandemic.

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