The Digital Genie is out of the Bottle

Harnessing Technology to Support Learning in the Time of Covid

Dr Tim Cook Headteacher, Liskeard Hillfort Primary School

Jonathan Bishop CEO, Cornerstone Academy Trust


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We’ve all had the same conversation with the IT department.  It ends with the fabled advice to turn the computer off.  And to start it up again.  It shouldn’t work, but so often it does, the ‘reset’ often has the desired effect.

In amongst the tragedy of a virus we have the opportunity to ‘reset’ our education system.  And in particular, we could explore how the digital world can lead to a brighter future for our children.  

This blog highlights how two schools have approached this issue.  One is a school which serves a community with high levels of deprivation, and is itself on a recovery journey.  One, an academy from the earliest tranche of academy conversion, is an outstanding school, on the cusp of national practice.

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