What I will do more of now I truly appreciate having a school

When we all return we need to do more of those things we have missed most


Reading Gert Biesta’s The Beautiful Risk of Education really made me reflect on the purpose of schools. 

His clear distinction of learning, education and schools gave me a structure through which to think about what we are doing with the students when they are in the school building – and question the effectiveness of our work. 

Schools are unique institutions through which almost every citizen in the country will pass through at one of the most formative stages in their lives. We should make sure we use this time and opportunity well.

The lockdown, which effectively removed ‘schools’ from the equation for the vast majority of us, has put into sharp focus the difference between education, learning and schools – we are still providing an education for the students, we hope that they are learning, but we do not have the school. It has also given us time and space to reflect on what it is we value about schools.

Like most things in life, we often only miss something when it is gone, so here are a few things which I want to take advantage of when we all return to the school building full time.

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