What is the point of school?

Rethinking school for the post-Covid world

Dr Brian Lighthill Over a decade working as a workshop facilitator with the aim of making Shakespeare’s plays relevant to learners of all ages


In my first blog for Big Education’s Learning from Lockdown site, I made the argument for considering an integrated (cross-curricula, trans-disciplinary…whatever you want to call it) curriculum as a way forward in order to create a more real education for young learners, which could be of greater use than the current teach-in-subject-silos syllabus. 

In this second blog I would like to explore what I think is the ‘point’ of school? What are we trying to develop in young learners? Are we merely trying to teach students pre-ordained ‘useful’ information (i.e. the national school curriculum), or are we trying to teach young learners how to learn, how to explore like detectives the how and why of any and everything that they encounter in their  lives? 

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