Who takes care of the leaders? We all do!

How we can support leaders in their agonising and complex role


Last week I was invited to attend a workshop that was delivered by a team from Bloomberg who specialise in talent development. Bloomberg are one of the fantastic partners that Ambition Institute work with. The session focus was on resilience. It was one of the most thoughtful conversations I have experienced for a long time and was entirely relevant to the experience many leaders in our sector are currently facing. 

We talked about what sits at the heart of feeling uneasy and that it is a product of both uncertainty and anxiety about the future. We talked about what it means to be resilient and how resilience flows from four sources. Accepting that things are different and changed. Adapting to a new reality even if it is a temporary one. Drawing on internal and external resources and energy and finally, finding the silver linings amidst the challenge.

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