Introduction: Exploring your philosophy and values

Hello everyone and welcome to the course! I am Oli de Botton, co-founder and former headteacher of School21, now CEO of the Careers and Enterprise Company. I will be leading you through the philosophy of education module.

In this course we have three main aims:

  • To give you time and space to reflect about your own underlying philosophy and values. This doesn’t happen enough in the busy day-to-day!
  • To explore how your value-set has implications for how you lead in your organisation – everything from pedagogical approach, partnerships strategy to behaviour policies.
  • To begin to set out your philosophical approach so that you lead in a way which sits with your values. This includes working with others who may have a very different philosophical starting point!

Please watch the video below and then complete the other units (listed to the left) before our live session.

After watching the video, please go to our community discussion board here and complete the following task:

  1. Where do you fall as a leader ‘head in the clouds’ or ‘feet on the ground’?
  2. What are the pros and cons of each type of leader?
  3. What you think about the school uniform scenario I talk about in the video?

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