Session One: Why Build Teams? (NOV 21)

Video script:

Hello everyone and welcome to our Big Education Course! My name is Liz Robinson, co-Director of Big Education. I spent 13 years as a head teacher, and know from deep experience how essential teams are in achieving great things. 

As you know, this course is all about developing high-performing teams and I am really excited to be leading this course and accompanying you on your journey. There will be an opportunity to introduce yourselves to me and each other as part of this session, and then we will meet each other properly in the live webinar session. All of the dates and links are in the handbook which you have been sent but feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions.

The fact that you are here shows you must think it is important to build high-functioning teams. As you are on a course about how to do it, you must also be aware that building these teams is not a simple process – it is not natural or inevitable that putting a group of people together means that they will work well together! It takes sustained effort, reflection on experience and an understanding of theory and tools to make this happen.

In this course, we will explore what makes a team perform to a high-level without the need for top down, draconian approaches. We will explore how to achieve excellence, whilst also valuing the ‘heart’ – we are after all, human BEINGS, not human DOINGS.

In this first session, we are going to explore why building teams is such an important part of leadership. We will then reflect on the teams we are currently leading to try to identify some potential ‘dysfunctions’. Finally, we will connect with one another and post some questions and challenges on our community page.

Please complete this online unit before our first live webinar. I hope you find it useful!