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Kensington Primary School

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Approach overview

We are intentionally disruptive, thinking deeply about what we are doing and why. Health and happiness is at the heart of everything we do, captured in our vision: a place everyone loves to be. Healthy, happy children attend, regulate, and learn. Healthy, happy people are more engaged, have a greater impact, are more resilient, more able to solve problems etc. The twin cores are this ethos combined with our ‘Curriculum K’. This is based on extensive research and attempts to create a curriculum fit for our children, team and community in the 21st century. It is based around four key pillars: health, communication, culture and academic learning.

Signature practices

 Curriculum K

Regulation and relationships

Emotional health curriculum

Physical health curriculum

Strong focus on formative assessment

– Understanding teaching and learning approaches: our collaborative approach to developing teaching and learning through a culture of trust and open communication

Wellbeing ethos, including as a founding member of the Well Schools network

Why we joined the Next Big 10

We have been considering what a ‘21st century education’ should be for some time now. Thinking differently can be lonely. We were excited to join a group of educators who are all thinking differently and sharing their experiences of what is working in their trusts and schools.
Ben Levinson, Executive Headteacher
Our curriculum is unique and tailor made to suit what our children need and we are excited to share our ideas and gain an insight into what other like minded schools do. We are curious to find out whether there is more that we can include to enrich and refine our children's learning even further which provides them with real life experiences with lasting positive impacts.
Zabina Riaz, Teacher

Kensington Primary School's Change Team

Ben Levinson

Executive Headteacher

Soofia Amin

Assistant Headteacher

Daniella Francis-Robinson


Zabina Riaz


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