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School 360

Primary school, two-form entry, part of the Big Education Trust, opened in September 2021

Approach overview

Through our Head. Heart. Hand approach, we pay attention to each learner as a rounded human being, their happiness and self-awareness, their knowledge and understanding, and their skills and experiences.  As well as a focus on crucial literacy and maths skills, we develop a range of skills across the curriculum, social, emotional, creative, physical, scientific and academic.  .

At the heart of our curriculum is a focus on social justice, both locally and globally, enabled through strong partnerships with the community around us and supported through contact with experts in their fields.  As a school focused on oracy, we pay particular attention to storytelling and we remain curious about learning from different perspectives.

Play is at the heart of our school, and especially outdoor learning.  We believe that contact with nature enables wellbeing and develops citizens who want to tackle the climate crisis.

Signature practices

School 360's testimonials

Why we joined the Next Big 10

We know there’s another way to approach education - we are doing things differently and it’s making a difference. We wanted to work with schools like us to learn from them and to continue to develop our practices in the way we know is right for pupils, parents and staff and Next Big 10 has enabled us to to just that.
Andi Silvain, Headteacher
I was very excited to have the opportunity to learn from other schools which are also thinking differently in education. I have learnt so much in such a short space of time: practices which I have taken back to the classroom and can already see making a difference. The best part of being part of the NB10 is joining a community of educators across the country who are driven to make a change.
Helen Gourley, Foundation Phase Leader

Video case studies

Video case study 1

A play-based curriculum in Year One

Video case study 2

Making lunchtime a learning experience

Video case study 3

Video reflection for professional development and learning

School 360's Change Team

Andi Silvain


Helen Gourley

Foundation Phase Leader

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