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The King Alfred School

All through primary, secondary and sixth form, independent

Approach overview

We aim to deliver an excellent education focusing on the whole child. Enjoyment of school is fundamental for us, and we emphasise creative and active learning and the value of play. We celebrate diversity and acknowledge academic success for one child may look different to another, allowing children to develop at their own pace, and focussing on the progress each child makes from their individual starting point. Wellbeing is prioritised, with students supported to develop the skills needed to innovate, create, and take risks as they learn to work effectively in teams and manage a whole range of complex personal and professional relationships. This broad education, which we see as a deeper learning experience, empowers our students to make a difference in the world.

Signature practices

Curriculum Innovation

  • Deeper learning: Knowledge, Skills and Personal Qualities
  • R-Y5: Enquiry topics within a transdisciplinary framework
  • Y6-Y8: Enquiry based learning through interdisciplinary explorations
  • Y9-Y11: School Directed Courses alongside GCSE provision
  • Building choice into the curriculum


  • A broad definition of success
  • Holistic approach: recognition of ‘self, community, world’
  • Non-hierarchical
  • Restorative practices

Layered Learning and Development

  • Student agency
  • Student voice
  • Student led conferences
  • Crew expeditionary learning approach (Years 6-8)
  • Peer Education Programme (Years 7/12)
  • Peer Observation Programme: developmental professional learning

Outdoor learning:  Forest School, residential camps, The Village Project

The King Alfred School's testimonials

Why we joined the Next Big 10

Being part of the Next Big 10 gives us the opportunity to learn from, share with, and develop alongside other amazing schools. Being part of this network definitely enriches our staff and school, and beyond this, gives a powerful voice to those of us who want to see a more enlightened education system in this country.
Robert Lobatto, Headteacher
The King Alfred School is thrilled to be part of the Next Big 10. We are excited to have the opportunity to be part of a community of schools that is developing approaches to education that better meet the needs of children and young people today. Collaborating with other schools and learning from them has helped develop our practice further.
Hannah Sheath, Maths and 6-8 Teacher

Video case studies

Video case study 1

Enquiry-based learning: building skills for young children

Video case study 2

The Village: skills for life

The King Alfred School's Change Team

Robert Lobatto


Julian Read

Director of 6 to 8

Hannah Sheath

Maths and 6 to 8 Teacher

Nina Soulsby

EYFS Coordinator

Caitlin Bennett

Year 1 Teacher

Kevin Tibble

Digital Literacy Coordinator

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