Stratford's groundbreaking school

School 21 is a state-funded, non-selective 4-18 school in Stratford, East London with a reputation for high standards, great teaching and an expansive and exciting curriculum

Expansive education

Big Education  is  an organisation that runs and support schools, designs programmes and toolkits and provides thought leadership, for example Learning from Lockdown.

Voice 21

Giving every child a voice

Voice 21 exists to enable teachers and schools to provide a high quality oracy education so that all young people can find their voice for success.

Big Education’s new primary school will open its doors in September 2021 and we intend it to be something special.

Our aim at Big Education is to develop a more expansive education, one that develops head (academics), heart (growth and well-being) and hand (creativity and problem-solving). To achieve this requires fresh thinking – about the curriculum, teaching and learning and ways of working. This school is the chance to put these ideas into practice and develop a school that can over time become a beacon of what a Big Education can look like.

The new primary school will not be isolated but part of a cluster of three Big Education schools in the area as well as an array of educational, creative and business partners – a Big Education Zone. We believe in our schools being rooted in their communities, responsive to the full range of diversity of our local families and children, and providing a curriculum that skilfully weaves together head, heart and hand. We want young people to be taught how to solve problems in creative ways, and make a difference to the world around them. There are exciting opportunities to develop a professional learning community that develops a series of courses and experiences for pupils that draw on the huge expertise and creativity of our partners.

The new primary school is part of a new development created by Vastint, the property arm of IKEA. Apartments, social enterprises and creative organisations will be housed alongside this two form entry primary school to form a thriving community.

The school is close to the Olympic site – now home to UCL, Sadlers Wells, the V&A and other extraordinary educational and cultural institutions who we have already have strong relationships with.

The school will be part of a group of 3 Big Education schools in close proximity: School 21, a 4 to 18 school in the heart of Stratford with a strong reputation for innovation, and a new secondary school and sixth form that will open in 2023 next to Plaistow station.


The Head is about rich knowledge  – and how to apply it to  the world around us. It is about bringing subjects together to gain deeper meaning and it is about wrestling with big ideas and concepts


The Heart is about well-being and growth. It is about every child having a sense of identity and developing the qualities that will be needed to thrive.


The Hand is about creativity and problem solving and the joy of the creative and performing arts

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