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Developing High Performing Teams

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3 live webinars

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Autumn 2022

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You believe in and want to deliver a Big Education – one which encompasses the head, the heart and the hand. Creating schools which focus on this bigger purpose is a wonderful challenge – one which takes great teams of people working collaboratively to this end. This course will help you create, develop and grow aligned teams who can think and act in new ways, and become your means of achieving a bigger education in your school. 

Working with teams and making change has many challenges and complexities – managing team dynamics, competing agendas and personalities, managing colleagues who are not performing or who are resistant to change. And then when we add in seeking to ask really big questions about how you want your school to be, what the big vision is, it is clear that achieving this alone is near impossible to do. If you are to achieve your mission, you will need to develop a team of changemakers.

This course will equip you with a range of strategies to strengthen the relationships and ways of working within your team, and give you practical approaches to managing some of the most tricky bits, like how we manage conflict. 

Our aims

  • In this course, Liz Robinson, highly experienced as a head teacher and facilitator, will guide you through some profound learning and practical approaches.
  •  You will finish the course with access to a range of leadership tools to use straight-away, and which you will keep coming back to over time as you work with your team
  • The course combines practical experience and insights with theory and research, giving you credible and practical tools to use with your team
  • You will have the opportunity to learn from, and interact with, an experienced school and system leader who has a proven track record of developing high-performing teams. In service of a big education. There will be lots of space for discussion and questions.
  • You will learn as part of a community of other changemaker leaders. You will have access to a community forum to share ideas, resources and tips. This does not end when the course ends – rather, it forms the basis of a network of leaders all trying to develop a Big Education.
  • You will contribute to the conversation. We would like you to not be a passive participant but rather an active member of the community.

Meet the facilitator

Liz Robinson

Co-director, Big Education

Liz is a school and system leader, working to ‘change the story’ about how education is delivered in England. As head teacher of Surrey Square in Southwark for 13 years, Liz used values as a key driver to redefine the purpose of the school and radically reshape the teaching approaches. The school is an exemplar of values led, whole child education. Since September 2018, Liz has worked as co-founder and co-director of Big Education, a new organisation running schools and programmes to inspire and provoke change in the sector. Liz has a long interest and expertise in leadership development and she has created a new programme for leaders in England – The Big Leadership Adventure. This unique programme develops an expansive toolkit of the head, heart and hand and draws on approaches to design and innovation from across sectors. Liz has a particular interest in developing values-led leadership, and has worked extensively as a speaker, trainer and coach. She is passionate about asking bigger questions about what school can or should be about and finding new ways of working. Liz is a Trustee for the National Literacy Trust. As mum to two young girls, Liz works flexibly to manage her roles.

Important information

Who is this course aimed at?

Head teachers and senior leaders wanting to refocus the relationships and vision within their SLT team

How does this course contribute to a Big Education?

Creating and developing powerful teams is a vital component of making and embedding the changes needed as part of a Big Education.

Developing High Performing Teams

3 live webinars

4 online units


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