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Introduction to ‘Fast Feedback’ with Ivy Learning Trust and Big Education – Rethinking Student Feedback and Marking

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In partnership with:

Ivy Learning Trust

3 live webinars

3 online units

24th January, 4 - 5.30

7th February, 4-5.30

21st February, 4-5.30

It was 4:30pm on a Friday afternoon when Matthew Kleiner-Mann, then head teacher at Lavender Primary School and now CEO of Ivy Learning Trust, spotted an NQT with a wheely suitcase.

“Going anywhere nice?” he asked.

“No, unfortunately. This is my marking for the weekend.”

In 2016, Matthew banned teachers from writing in children’s books. A new approach was introduced and immediate, specific and effective verbal feedback was to be provided instead. The outcome?

  • Significantly reduced teacher workload
  • Improved staff retention
  • Better outcomes for pupils


Since then, Fast Feedback has been implemented in schools nationwide, featured in the press and turned into a book, published by Bloomsbury Education.

In this course, in collaboration with Big Education, we will share our story of how we abolished traditional marking and embedded Fast Feedback successfully; creating truly effective, independent learners whilst simultaneously improving staff wellbeing. With support from the current headteacher at Lavender Primary School and a teacher with day-to-day experience of the approach, we will also explore how you could embed something similar in your own context.

What you will gain from this course:

  • Insight into the research and pedagogy underpinning the approach and support in creating the right learning culture first
  • An honest account of our school’s journey and ideas for implementing change successfully
  • Understanding of what a ‘conference’ looks like and practical tips to support children to reflect both independently and collaboratively
  • The opportunity to explore how this approach could work in your own setting

Meet the facilitator

Gemma Whitby

Co-Author of Fast Feedback

Gemma Whitby has a Masters in Teaching and Learning and has experience as a classroom teacher, middle leader and senior leader, as well as in leading primary science training.

Important information

Who is this course aimed at?

This course is for primary school leaders who want to improve staff wellbeing and retention and enhance outcomes for pupils. We also recommend attending with a teacher.

How does this course contribute to a Big Education?

Fast feedback has the potential to reduce teacher workload, improve staff well-being, and create more space for innovation in schools. It is an intelligent and developmental way to assess students’ learning, one way of increasing student agency and ensuring better quality writing and student outcomes.

Introduction to ‘Fast Feedback’ with Ivy Learning Trust and Big Education – Rethinking Student Feedback and Marking

3 live webinars

3 online units


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