The aims of Rethinking Leadership

  • To make the argument for change through case studies, papers and blogs.

  • To highlight examples of alternative approaches to developing leaders, which are more focused on creating an expansive education for every young person.

  • To influence the future of leadership development and learning for our school leaders.

What is Rethinking Leadership?

Rethinking Leadership is a group of committed individuals and organisations who came together around the idea that new ways of thinking about leadership are critical.


Why is this needed? 

  • Because the education system must evolve into one that is more relevant and responsive to the needs of young people. 
  • The only way that will happen is through leadership.
  • Our current approach to leadership development is missing some critical elements.

So what is this new approach that is needed? It must;

  • Go beyond tweaks to our existing approaches
  • Equip educators to be bold and ‘ask bigger questions’ about the purpose of school 
  • Empower leaders to rethink ‘what’ we do
  • Be human centred and develop people from the inside out


As Lencioni puts it in “The Advantage”, we need organisations that are smart and healthy, i.e. focused both on performance AND on the people, purpose and culture.


Why get involved?

  • There has never been a more important time to think deeply about the ways in which we develop leaders.  
  • The recruitment crisis reveals we are not attracting nor supporting the best to remain in our profession.  
  • Burnout rates of teachers and school leaders signal the need to support educators in different and more purposeful ways.


What has been missing is ‘how’ we might address this.  Rethinking Leadership is our starting point as we think and act on this, together.  

We are creating a committed coalition of schools and system leaders interested in sharing and developing their practice in this area.  

If you are interested in being actively involved in this work, and receiving regular updates, please click here. 

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