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This project brings together groups of schools committed to providing a more holistic education for pupils and a better working experience for staff. The project supports these schools to have a greater voice in the system, and enables them to develop material to support the implementation of innovative practice and a Head, Heart, Hand approach to education, both within their own schools and beyond.

Churchfield Primary School

We believe that having access to a high-quality education is a birth-right, and in order to achieve this for every child, schools need to be uncompromisingly innovative and forward thinking, in order that teachers can easily make a difference. The Next Big 10 means that we are surrounded by like-minded educators who wish to challenge the norms in education. It is a fantastic opportunity to collaborate and share.
Natalie Lorkins - Headteacher

Ladybridge High School

We joined the NB10 to learn with and from other educators who believe that it’s possible to provide an exciting, engaging education that prepares young people for life. Within the constraints of the current education system schools can be fearful of doing things differently. We are keen to collaborate with schools that are curious and confident enough to provide more than the narrow band of knowledge that is required for success in examinations.
Paddy Russell, Headteacher

Matthew Moss High School

At Matthew Moss we believe that everything starts with the learner and that education should prepare learners for a life of learning that is both satisfying to themselves and of significant value to society. Being part of NB10, a wider community that wants to make a difference, provides opportunities for collaboration, shared learning and improving practices to make a positive impact on our young people.
Chris Jennings, Headteacher

Pinner Wood School

We have been working with Big Education for a number of years and shared their driving vision for a bigger education for all children. It has been exciting to work with like-minded schools, sharing fabulous, innovative ideas that can support children in today’s ever changing world. We have been able to involve teachers across the school and at different points in their careers. We have collaborated on a number of projects that will benefit not only our school, but education across all the Big 10 schools, and developed leaders in our school to continue to bring about our own vision.
Sarah Marriott, Headteacher

School 21

"We believe in doing things differently and challenging the status quo. We are committed to innovating with rigour and are relishing working with other schools in the Big 10 coalition - a group of schools that are curious and brave enough to approach things from different angles and to think outside of the box."
Moray Dickson, Headteacher

School 360

We know there’s another way to approach education - we are doing things differently and it’s making a difference. We wanted to work with schools like us to learn from them and to continue to develop our practices in the way we know is right for pupils, parents and staff and Next Big 10 has enabled us to to just that.
Andi Silvain, Headteacher

Surrey Square Primary School

The Next Big 10 provides challenge, inspiration and support; giving us the opportunity to work alongside other schools who share our commitment to developing an offer for pupils that is more fit for purpose.
Matt Morden, Co-Headteacher

The King Alfred School

Being part of the Next Big 10 gives us the opportunity to learn from, share with, and develop alongside other amazing schools. Being part of this network definitely enriches our staff and school, and beyond this, gives a powerful voice to those of us who want to see a more enlightened education system in this country.
Robert Lobatto, Headteacher

Wapping High School

We have been working with Big Education very closely for several years now and many colleagues/leaders have benefited from a range of programs so far offered. The attraction of Next Big 10 has been working with a group of like-minded schools who can share what they feel is their USP. Colleagues, including me, are finding it hugely beneficial being a part of a range of working groups that will fundamentally improve the education of the children we serve as well as driving forward real and meaningful change in the sector.
Tom Raw, Head of School

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